Boglárka Kappéterné Szilágyi

kappeterne-szilagyi-boglarka-profilI graduated as a primary school and R.E. teacher with social studies at the Kölcsey Ferenc Teacher Training College in Debrecen, Hungary in 2006. During my studies I had been teaching Hungarian literature and grammar, maths, art and craft, music, science, PE and history in primary schools for kids aged 6-12. I moved to England in 2006. I got married in 2009, we have two children.
I’ve started teaching the Kincskeresők school class in 2007. Ever since I’m doing it with joy and passion. I teach them the foundation of writing and reading skills and about the Hungarian language and culture. My classes are playful, fun and full of energy while also being methodically planned and executed.

Karina Kerekes

I studied to be Historian and Teacher of History in Szeged, Hungary where I was also a student in an other faculty, learning towards my Visual Arts teaching diploma. After graduating I became a History and Visual Arts teacher at a local high school in Kalocsa. I moved to the UK in 2007 and after finishing my Montessori Teaching Diploma I became a Montessori Directress at an Early Years setting. At Mosoly, I work alongside Monika with the busy group of ‘Világjárók’. From my family, I got important messages to the next generation and I would like to pass all this knowledge on to our children. We must take care of our values and must not let them be lost. To be Hungarian is not a question of territory, it is in our hearts.

Ida Makó Nagy

mako-nagy-idaI graduated as a primary school teacher in Nitra in 1995 then I completed my postgraduate course in Education for teaching Early Years and Foundation Stage at the London Metropolitan University. I have taught the Pom Pom nursery group in Mosoly since 2014 and I really enjoy working with this age group. It is fascinating to see how the little children become independent learners. We play, sing together, role play stories, and at the same time we familiarise ourselves with our mother tongue, the Hungarian language and culture.

Gergely Paládi-Kovács

paladi-kovacs-gergely-profilI graduated as an economist from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and have gained human resources management experience at various multinational companies in Hungary and abroad. We left Hungary due to an international assignment in 2002 and following a couple of posts in Europe we arrived in the UK in 2008. Following the expatriate lifestyle we have settled in Guildford, Surrey and I have continued working as an HR consultant. Our family was attracted to Mosoly due to its emphasis on quality education and from Autumn 2015 I have also joined the school’s management.

Krisztina Paládi-Kovács

paladi-kovacs-krisztina-profilHaving lived abroad, I have experienced the importance of knowing one’s own culture, nurturing its traditions and keeping one’s roots and heritage alive. I was introduced to folk dance as a young school girl and I danced with various folk dance ensembles during my secondary school years and university studies in Hungary. I received training in folk dance teaching and was also admitted to the junior dance group of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble led by Sándor Timár. Instead of following a dancing career, I eventually decided to study law but kept on regularly attending folk dance clubs and folk music events.
Since moving to England, teaching became my calling. I work as a teacher assistant in a junior school, I also became a yoga instructor and in 2010 I started to teach Hungarian folk dance. In 2014, with the support of Boske Timar, I established the Csillagszeműek Anglia Hungarian Folk Dance Group in order to have children experiencing folk dance education based on the unique Timar method.

Gabi Saiker

saiker-gabi-profilI graduated from the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (Slovakia). After a short work experience as a high school teacher, I arrived in London, where I studied history of art at Birkbeck University. As a teacher of the Explorers group I maintain that literature and the arts should become part of the children’s everyday life. I believe that the combination of the stimulating environment of London and the Hungarian cultural background, brought from home, will create a truly original and curious young generation. I am glad to be a part of it.

Krisztina Vakulya

vakulya-kriszta-profilAfter graduating from the Budapest Business School as an Economist, I worked twelve years at MALEV Hungarian Airlines’ directorate. Although my first degree is very different, I have felt most at home when working with children within the school environment. I taught English as a second language in a rural primary school in Hungary. Later in the UK I completed a CACHE Level 3 diploma in “Supporting Teaching and Learning in School”, then I worked in my local primary school with Year 1 children.
After helping the Kincskeresok group as a teacher assistant for 2 years, I’ve started to support the school’s management as our secretary and event organiser. My childhood hobby, arts and crafts, has become a real passion lately. I love sharing my ideas and skills with the children and teaching them new craft techniques in our regular craft club.

Mária Zempléni

Zempléni MáriaThe joy of singing and music has been my constant companion since my childhood. Following this joy, I graduated from the ELTE Teaching College in Budapest as a music teacher in 2007 then I became a “Ringato” baby music group leader in 2010. I joined the school in 2007 and have been singing, playing and dancing through the seasons with the kindergarten class and the folk dancing club ever since. I would like children and adults alike to experience the happiness that comes from singing together. We might be living far away from our home country but it’s important to keep the heritage of our wonderful Hungarian music and songs alive.

Teacher Assistants


Enthusiastic and committed teacher assistants are supporting the education:
Éva Rábainé Köhler
Erika Ogilvie
Nikolett Bohár

Support Team


The buffet, managed by HUN itt, HUN ott, offers Hungarian delicacies:
Judit Báthy-Dévényi
György Báthy


Members of the school’s management:
Angela Monika Zahuczky – Headteacher, Education Advisor
Kristina Vakulya – Secretary, Membership, Event Organiser
Gergely Paladi-Kovacs – Operations, Marketing