In each teaching day, we offer two 45-minute classes and various clubs before and after the timetabled classes. Children can get involved in music, drama, folk dance and art & craft activities. During the classes parents can stay and chat in the lobby, where the buffet is open all day offering Hungarian delicacies and lunch.

Our Schedule

• 10.00-10.40
Folk dance for preschool and school age children (clubs)

• 10.45-11.30
First lesson

• 11.30-11.45
Fruit break

• 11.45-12.30
Second lesson

• 12.30-13.00
Lunch break

• 13.00-14.00
Craft and music clubs

Piano, recorder, guitar, solfege and speech therapy classes can be arranged as requested.


Updated schedule for the first half of 2020/21 academic year:

9.30 Csigabiga Zoom – every Saturday (not only official Mosoly day). In this group, we are not able to held live sessions because of the current restrictions. If it is manageable we try to arrange outdoor classes. If anybody interested and would like to join the Csiga group, please feel free to email Mariann ([email protected]).

Zoom schedule, when kindergarten groups are in the church:

10.15 Kincskeresők Zoom 

11.00 Felfedezők Zoom 

11.45 Világjárók Zoom 

Zoom schedule, when school groups are in the church:

10.15 Pompom Zoom 

11.00 Makk Marci Zoom



As we are a not-for-profit organisation, we do everything ourselves. Teachers prepare the classrooms before lessons and we request parents to help the preparations too. Eating is only allowed in the great hall with the parquet flooring, not in the other rooms laid with fitted carpet. We clear up all together at the end of the day. Due to health and safety and fire regulations, all members and visitors are required to sign in and out. Members are responsible for their own, their children’s and guests’ safety and behaviour.