Our story

Szeresd a gyermeketOur story started more than 15 years ago in Kingston when a few families, eager to practise and pass on their Hungarian language and culture, formed the Sunshine Group. From 2006 our group integrated into the Hungarian Children and Parents Group in London. In September 2012, a new and exciting chapter started for the school, when we became independent and continued to operate as MOSOLY Hungarian Families Group. We also moved to a new venue, St John’s Church in New Malden, where we meet every other Saturday morning. In 2016 we became a registered charity and changed our English name to Hungarian School London. At present our membership consists of more than 75 families and we are entirely self-funding.

Our goals

We strive to create a fun, friendly and caring environment for ourselves and our children. Here they can learn about the Hungarian language, culture, traditions and values while playing, singing, dancing, performing and being creative together. Our group also aims to build a real community by supporting our member families, organising cultural programmes and sharing ideas with other Hungarian institutions. The school’s success is based on the co-operation of parents, teachers and organisers – we all truly believe in working together in harmony to create unforgettable memories for the next generation.